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Rose & Adder Candle Studio Logo

mythology, fantasy, & classic lit

a scent for every story

Rose & Adder. 100% soy wood wick candles and mystical melts for mythology nerds, folklore fanatics, book lovers, & magic makers.

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our Mythology inspired collection

through love all is possible

Light it up with one of our Officially Licensed Sarah J Maas candles inspired by the 'Crescent City' & 'A Court of Thorns and Roses' series of novels.

Be BFFs with Bryce, climb a mountain with Cassian, or fly through the salty sea air with Rhysand.




the face

behind the brand

I'm Kristen! I started making candles in the spring of 2015. I fell in love with candle-making and the endless combinations of scents, colors, and finishes a candle can have. When I thought about making candles to sell online it seemed only natural to combine that process with my favorite pastime, READING! Thus Rose & Adder was born. I started with 24 glass jars and 10lbs of wax and now here I am with a basement full of supplies and a notebook full of ideas!


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