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    Circe, a Greek enchantress, is credited with turning many of the ancient hero Odysseus's companions into swine when they visited her island Aeaea.  This scent embodies the sea; a light and intoxicating blend of sea salt, sheer musk, amber, and orange blossom. This scent will surely seduce any wayward travelers into staying just a little bit too long.



    TOP NOTES ▼ citrus, sea salt, ozone
    MIDDLE NOTES △ orange blossom, lilac
    BOTTOM NOTES ▼ amber, sheer musk



    △ 60 hour burn time + 9 ounces


    △ 25 hour burn time + 3.5 ounces

    ▼ 3 ounces


    Out of Stock
    • Rose & Adder Candles are hand-poured in Michigan and made with all-natural, clean-burning soy wax. Because we use a soy wax blend and pour in small batches the color of your candle may vary slightly from the photo. Some frosting may occur on the outside edges of your candle but these small imperfections have no effect on burn time or throw; they are simply the sign of a soy candle!
      This candle has a wood wick. To extend the life of your candle please make sure to burn the candle all the way to the edges of the jar every time you light it; this prevents tunneling and adds hours to the standard burn time. Wood wicks give off a beautiful warm crackling light but be sure to keep your wood wick trimmed of jagged or crunchy black edges, this will ensure an even burn pool. The first time you burn your wood wick candle make sure to trim the wick so that is straight across. Please do not leave your lit candle unattended.

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