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Circe - Greek Mythology - WS


Circe, a Greek enchantress, is credited with turning many of the ancient hero Odysseus's companions into swine when they become visit her island Aeaea.  This scent embodies the sea; a light and enchanting blend of sea salt, sheer musk, amber and floral. It's scent will surely seduce any wayward travelers into staying just a little bit too long.


The Arcane collection features gold foil decoration for an extra alchemical touch. 


TOP NOTES ▼ citrus, sea salt, ozone
MIDDLE NOTES △ orange blossom, lilac
BOTTOM NOTES ▼ amber, sheer musk


△ 60 hour burn time + 9.5 ounces


▼30 hour burn time + 5.5 ounces


△ Rose & Adder Candles are a 94% soy and 6% paraffin blend. They are all wood wick.