Elemental Discovery Set - Pick 4



Choose four scents and write the names of the ones you'd like in your cart notes! You can mix and match all the elemental scents if you'd like three fire scents and one water scent go for it!

These scents all correspond to my Zodiac Collection candles. I wanted a way to make those scents available to everyone without you all having to buy a star sign candle that isn't your own.

1. orange blossom, tuberose, ginger (my fav)
2. coconut milk & mango
3. mandarin & myrrh

4. palo santo, patchouli, lavender
5. black tea, pumpkin, clove
6. pineapple & sage

7. white tea, peony, ginger
8. rose milk & jasmine
9. ocean mist & violet

10. lavender, moon water, white sage
11. honey, tonka bean, tobacco
12. raspberry, lilac, lavender

Mini Glass Jar15 hour burn time + 3.7 ounces

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