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Marzanna - Slavic Mythology - WS


Marzanna is a Slavic goddess associated with winter's death, rebirth, and dreams. The death or sacrifice of the goddess Marzanna at winter's end leads to the rebirth of spring.


This dreamy blend is soft and soothing; smoked vanilla is the heaviest note surrounded by a swirl of dried florals and the calm quiet of the woods blanketed in deep snow.


The Arcane Collection features gold foil decoration for an extra alchemical touch. 


TOP NOTES △ smoke, peppercorn, orange blossom
MIDDLE NOTES ▼ jasmine, almond, anise
BOTTOM NOTES △ vanilla, cashmere wood, cedar


△ 60 hour burn time + 9.5 ounces

METAL TIN - MSRP - $11-12

▼30 hour burn time + 5.5 ounces


△ Rose & Adder Candles are a 94% soy and 6% paraffin blend. They are all wood wick. Each jar or tin comes with unique hand-cut paper tags inside.